About Rebecca

photo of Rebecca Weber

All you need to know about me is this: I love making things, solving puzzles, and learning new skills; I am a web developer recently, a teacher throughout my adult life, and a crafter throughout my entire life; I was originally a mathematician and strongly considered professional organizing as my second career.

For my crafting, try the Showcase category on my craft blog or the local Craft page. For development, there’s a Portfolio tag on my development blog (here), and a Tech page.

You’ll find me frequenting the Main Street Museum and Upper Valley Sew-op, both in White River Junction, VT. I’m at the museum more than weekly as I not only attend events but also help coordinate them. Aside from teaching and volunteering at the Sew-op, I lend time to our parent Co-op and make myself available as a contact point for inquiries and possible connections.

I also enjoy cooking, other people’s cooking, craft beer, gallery receptions, web curation (cf Pinterest), B movies, science fiction, and office supplies.

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