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I love to make things and to solve puzzles in the process. Primarily I use programming and markup languages to make websites and their components, and yarn and fabric to make garments, containers, and toys. Another puzzle I particularly like is how to best select, organize, and present material in teaching.

If you want an overview of my tech and craft activities, try the Showcase category on my craft blog and the Portfolio tag on my development blog. For more on each try the local Craft page and Tech page.

I am working to enmesh myself in my community, and to that end I’ve taken on a more active role at the Main Street Museum and worked to do more outreach for the Upper Valley Sew-op. You’ll find me at the museum more than weekly as I not only attend events but also help coordinate them. Aside from teaching and volunteering at the Sew-op, I lend time to our parent Co-op and make myself available as a contact point for inquiries and possible connections.

I also enjoy cooking, other people’s cooking, craft beer, gallery receptions, web curation (cf Pinterest), science fiction, and office supplies. I was a mathematician in a former life.

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